Gabions are rectangular wire mesh baskets loaded with rock & stones at the project site to form adaptable, solid structures such as retaining walls for business, industrial and road projects. Gabion packs are trusted, well demonstrated and in fact sound answers for hold earth and decrease disintegration. This type of fencing is widely used around the world. They are also used for bank stabilization, channel linings and weirs.

(Note: Retaining walls are permanent structures typically constructed at a toe of slope or to retain back fill.)

The durability of these gabion structures depends on the quality of the wire used for assembling gabion boxes and correct design. India fence is committed to satisfy both these parameters and give our clients best quality product with specialized support as and when required.

Setting of Gabion is immensely basic and can be done in any condition without the help of specific tools and workforce. Our product is backed by design professionals who can timely technical support.

Material used for making Gabions:

  • Heavy galvanized MS wire
  • PVC coated wire
  • Galfan

Gabion Products:

  • Gabion Boxes: These are blocks made of gabion mesh, which can be filled on the site with rocks, stones, debris and crushed concrete. (Note: similar boxes can also be made out of welded wire mesh)
  • Gabion Mattresses: Mattresses out of gabions are used to provide protection on water courses.
  • Gabion Rock fall netting:
    As the name suggests, this kind of netting made out of gabion mesh finds application in preventing rocks and debris from spilling.
  • Gabion Sack: Used in controlling water flow.

Advantages of Gabions

  • Exemplary modularity and ability to stack in various sizes and shapes,
  • Gabion structures are capable of resisting any types of stresses, bending, tensile and shear.
  • Gabion structures can accommodate differential settlements without disturbing the structural integrity.
  • The permeability characteristics of Gabion structures eliminate the problems caused in RCC structures, such as soil instability, water logged backfills/foundation etc.
  • Gabion and gabion mattresses are backed with well documented research and certifications concerning durability of the structure

Applications / Uses of Gabions

  • Retaining wall structures
  • Gabion revetments
  • Canal and river walling
  • Rock-fall protection
  • Weir Structures
  • Gabion fencing
  • Coastal protection
  • Protection of bridge and culverts
  • Bridge abutments


Mesh sizeMesh wireSelvedge wireBox sizes in mtrs
60 x 801 to 61 to 20.15 to 1.0
GI2.0 mmGI2.4 mm
2.2 mm2.7 mm
2.4 mm
GI + PVC2.0/3.0 mmGI + PVC2.4/3.4 mm
2.2/3.2 mm2.7/3.7 mm
2.4/3.4 mm
80 x l001 to 61 to 20.5 to 1.0
GI2.4 mmGI3.0 mm
2.7 mm3.4 mm
3.0 mm3.9 mm
GI + PVC2.4/3.4 mmGI + PVC3.0/4.0 mm
2.7/3.7 mm3.4/4.4 mm
3.0/4.0 mm3.9/4.9 mm
10O x 1201 to 61 to 20.5 to 1.0
GI2.4 mmGI3.0 mm
2.7 mm3.4 mm
3.0 mm3.9 mm
GI + PVC2.4/3.4 mmGI + PVC3.0/4.0 mm
2.7/3.7 mm3.4/4.4 mm
3.0/4.0 mm3.9/4.9 mm

Partitions are at every 1 mtr.

Tie wire of GI (2.0 mm, 2.2 mm or 2.4 mm) or GI + PVC (2.0/3.0 mm, 2.2/3.2 mm, or 2.4/3.4 mm) coated, generally the quantity supplied is 5% of the box weight.