We at India Fence supplies finished fencing system which includes the fence posts. Aside from the normal square, rectangular and cylindrical sections, we additionally have a couple of specialized sections for fencing fitments & installations. Posts are manufactured according to the fence requirement. (Polyester Powder Covered)

We Can Manufacture Fence Posts in:

  • Circular hollow sections
  • Rectangular hollow sections or
  • Profiled fence posts

Key Features of Fencing Posts:

  • The maximum height of the conveyor is 3.5 meters, which allows pipes to be coating vertically, and thus giving high volume production. Longer pipes up to 7 meters length can be coated horizontally.
  • Wall Thickness of up to 6mm can be easily handled given the capability of the ovens (up to 220 Degree C).
  • Tubes with dual coating – base layer of epoxy and top coat of polyester can be done.
  • PVC coating of up to 1000 microns can be done. (India Fence is the only company in India with the ability to do this coating on a commercial scale – the powder coating line is designed specifically to coat wire mesh and pipes).
  • Both pre-galvanized and post-galvanized pipes can be coated effectively.
  • Any RAL shade color can be applied, given that the quantity is in size able quantity. Special attention paid for packing for exports.