Chain Link Fence is the most traditional & acceptable type of wire fencing used for security. This fence is made of woven wire which makes a diamond shape mesh. It is available in various sizes and colors to match it with your specific requirements.

Chain Link Fence Applications

It discovers applications in wide variety of areas. In lighter gauge and bigger wire sizes, it is utilized as a part of private and business zones – swimming pools, parks, gardens, private building edge, division in product houses, schools, healing centers, and more.

In heavier check and littler work sizes, usually utilized as a part of regions which require more insurance against purposeful interruption, and it discovers use in high security territories like – producing units, military foundations, server farms, budgetary organizations, colleges, railroads, air terminals, motorways, oil and gas offices, distribution center edge, substance plants, and so on.

Benefits & Features of Chain Link Fence

The key reason behind why chain link fence has remained on as a reasonable answer for security measures is because of the adaptable fence fabric which makes it easier to install on ground. And most of all it suits your pocket too.

Chain Link Fence Specifications

  • Wire diameter ranging from 1.6mm to 5mm.
  • Mesh size varying from 25mm to 100mm.
  • Zinc coating from 40gsm to 366gsm.
  • Galvanized finish or PVC coated finish.
  • Heights from 0.8mtrs to 5mtrs.
  • Compacted or un-compacted rolls.

To know more about the fencing and it’s requisites, please feel free to drop a line.