India Fence offers more the best in class Electric Fence which can be used for a varied applications. Currently we have following electric fence energizer models on offer.

Fence Energizer / Charger

Every second the India Fence energizer discharges a very short-duration, safe, high-voltage impulse down the fence live wire. The Security fence energizer then monitors the voltage at the end of this live wire, thereby checking that the voltage is being maintained along the entire solar electric fencing line. In the event of a voltage drop caused by shorting, cutting or poor maintenance, the monitor will trigger an alarm, thus alerting you.


FI-1 Energizer

The FI-1 Security Energizer with LCD display is a top-of-the-range fence energizer that can meet all requirements from the basic home security fence to fully integrated high profile installations. The fence energizer has a LCD display showing out and return voltages, battery condition and fence programming settings.

Key Features

  • High-Voltage, Single-Zone Fence Monitor triggers alarm when live wires are tampered with
  • Earth Wire Monitor triggers alarm when the earth wires are tampered with
  • LCD Voltage Out and Return Display
  • Gate Monitor input to monitor the gate
  • Dynamic Voltage Monitoring minimizing arcing and false alarms while maximizing power and battery life
  • 4 Joules maximum output energy
  • Compliant with IEC60335-2-76
  • Built-in Lightning and Surge Protection
  • Internal Battery Backup in case of power failure
  • Up to 24-Hour Monitoring in the event of a power failure
  • High and low power options
  • Fence Energizer supplied with secure Key Switch Operation
  • Diagnostic Mode
  • 2 Standard Fully Programmable Relays plus option for three more on request
  • Pulse Synchronization in group mode
  • Can also run on 50 W Solar Panel connected through Solar charge regulator