We have has a specific manufacturing office and devoted set of specialists. Accomplishment of any fencing project depends vigorously on the time spent on the planning board.

Before moving to the shop floor, all design decisions are carefully contemplated and talked by the group of architects. Due importance is paid if the created steel is to be hot plunge excited.


We have a world class powder coating facility in our newly established completely automated powder coating plant. The plant is located in New Delhi.

Our powder coating line has a set up for dual coating, each having its own curing oven. For highest quality of coating the surface is passed through first powder coat, then partial curing oven, and then through a second powder coat and finally through the final curing oven. This allows us to get higher DFT, which gives an excellent quality, durability and longevity.

Powder coating booth has been designed in association with powder spray systems from leaders in this industry. This spray system is coupled with electro-mechanical reciprocator

Advantages are:

  • Automatic triggering of guns which results in spraying only during presence of parts, no spray in the line gaps.
  • Better film thickness accuracy.
  • Less wastage.

The automatic intelligent guns bring with them the most cutting edge technology. These guns ensure highest quality finish, better productivity and uniform dry film thickness.

For controlling chemical concentrations in bath solution, conductivity, pH, in process parameters as well as final inspection parameters such as DFT, hardness, adhesion, salt spray etc., we have tieups with sophisticated well equipped lab, enabling us to meet if not surpass international quality standards.